step by step instructions

For authorized users of DOT:

​Go to the App Store for iPhone or iPad on your device.  Go to Google Play Store on your Android device.  Search for

                    directory on tap

(use spaces in between the words).

Install the free DOT App. 

1. Click on RESET PASSWORD.  No need to create an account (we did that for you!) and we no longer issue you a numeric password.  Authorized users have already been set up. 

2. Enter your email address in lower case.

3. You will be emailed a one-time code for security purposes. 

4. Enter the code and a new password.  If you don't receive this code immediately in your email inbox, check your SPAM folder. If you forget your password, simply reset it and follow these steps again.  

5. Enter your Email/User ID in lower case and the password you just created.  You should not have to enter your password again unless you logout or need to install the app on another household device. Install it on as many devices as needed in the household.

Password Rules

> Email address = username
> Enter email in lower case
> 6-character minimum for password
> Passwords are case sensitive
> No special symbols or numbers required

We're happy to support you and LOVE to hear from customers!  If you need support, please email us: 

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