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"Stone Mountain has used Directory on Tap for over 5 years. It is a game changer! Our community engagement has increased dramatically due to the fact that DOT allows parents the option to quickly access contact information and classroom rosters. If you are looking for an easy way to communicate with your families, DOT is your answer. Cindy O'Reilly is the ultimate professional and is extremely helpful as she can cater to your specific school needs. You will not regret signing up with Directory on Tap!"  

Michelle Franci

Stone Mountain Elementary Principal 

DOT Mission


  • F = Focused on customer service
  • O = On time delivery
  • C = Contract, flex jobs available
  • U = Uber efficient & hassle-free
  • S = Save time for volunteers & staff
  • E = Excellence is our standard
  • D = Data is secure (authentication)

1000s of Subscribers



DOT builds community and promotes volunteerism. 

We offer an optional Opt Out process and manage this for you.

We save 1000s of hours of time for staff and volunteers. 

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DOT Advertising


Invite your community partners to advertise on DOT.  Great exposure for businesses to the school families.

Invented by a Busy Mom


HUGE time savings for volunteers and staff. Have your school directory app 

up in 1 week. Guaranteed.  



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